Best Nilkamal Dining table sets

Here we will be reviewing the best Nilkamal dining tables for you so that you can make an informed decision before buying the best suitable Nilkamal dining set for you .

Nilkamal Dining table sets has become a trusted name over the years. Given the wide variety of products, picking the best one for your home can be a daunting task.

The @home series of dining table sets appears to be the best of the lot. To make things easier for you, we have tested many dining table sets, and handpicked the Top 5 Nilkamal dining sets for you.

The Best Nilkamal Dining Table Sets

SerialProduct NameItem WeightFrame MaterialCapacityIn the BoxCheck Best Price
1@home by Nilkamal Jewel 4 Seater Dining Table Set  30 KgRubber WoodFour Seat1 table, 1 bench, 2 chairsCheck Best Price
2@Home By Nilkamal Alice 6 Seater Dining Table Set  81 KgRubber WoodSix Seat1 table and 6 chairsCheck Best Price
3@home by Nilkamal Fern 6 Seater Dining Table Set  30 KgRubber WoodSix Seat1 table, 1 bench, 4 chairsCheck Best Price
4@home by Nilkamal Four Seater Dining Table  19 KGSolid WoodFour Seat1 dining tableCheck Best Price
5@home by Nilkamal Sutlej Four Seater Dining Table Set  16.5 KgRubber WoodFour seat1 table, 4 chairsCheck Best Price

1. @home by Nilkamal Jewel 4 Seater Dining Table Set

@home adds the perfect vigor to your home. This 4-seater dining table sports a minimalist design, yet its rich finish promises to blend with your interior décor. The walnut finish on solid rubber wood is not only a visual delight; you will love spending time with your family sharing lunch or dinner. The arrangement is tailor made for four chairs or two chairs and a bench. Each piece of furniture boasts of quality upholstery.

The product requires assembly. Thus, you may require the help of a professional in doing so, unless, you are confident of organizing the dining table set. You can select from various colors to match it with your room decorations. 

Regardless of whether you plan placing it in the kitchen or the dining space, it can fit in anywhere. If you were unsure, which furniture would match your traditional décor, then look no further. Just to let you know, you can simultaneously utilize this dining set from Nilkamal in all the other decorative styles.

At first sight, the chairs and the bench may appear light, but they are capable of sustaining more than 100Kg of static weight. Though these are not built for impact loads, but we guess, it is not necessary when a group of four people are sitting together for their meals. You can place the bench under the table after using it, so, it also saves you space.


  • Wooden set makes it very sturdy.
  • Blends with any room décor style.
  • The chairs and bench can carry exceptional static load.


  • Requires assembly, and it may require purchasing additional nuts and bolts for setting it up.

2. @Home By Nilkamal Alice 6 Seater Dining Table Set

The Alice 6-seater dining table set, is a just the thing your dining room was missing thus far.
Expectedly, this solid wood 6-seater dining set will complement with all types of home décor. The specially designed chairs come with back support for maximizing your comfort.

Any furniture made from natural materials contains minor blemishes. The same is evident in this product also. It is available in antique cherry and contemporary designs. Being made of wood, the dining table set is heavy, and it requires assembly. 

The table top is made of Mdf veneer, and the table base is made of rubber wood. The sturdy dining table set will last for years if you ensure its proper maintenance. Wooden furniture contributes significantly towards the overall décor of the home. You must take certain precautions while using it.

Do not place very hot and cold items on the tabletop, it will damage the wood. While serving meals, spillage can happen, wipe it instantly with a dry cloth, else it will leave a mark. Make sure, you use coasters and mats for safeguarding from such damages. Lastly, place the dining table set above carpets, as floor cleaning water can be detrimental to its health.


  • Made from solid wood.
  • Sturdy and comfortable.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Product requires assembly.
  • Requires a lot of maintenance.

3. @home by Nilkamal Fern 6 Seater Dining Table Set

If you are looking for a modern dining set, for your new home, Fern 6-seater dining table set is your one-stop solution. You will fall for its aesthetic design, and for sure it looks elegant. The notable aspect is the design symmetry of the chairs to complement the wooden table. Like most of the @home product ranges from Nilkamal it is tailor-made to match the preferences of every Indian homes.

The tabletop made from rubber wood will last you for several years. Precisely, the MDF made top helps holding the veneer effectively. Here, the upholstery requires special mention. The chairs sport a brown material on the cushion that guarantees ultimate comfort.

Iif you decide sitting on the dining table chairs, but not for the meals. You will appreciate the accurate leaning angle of the chairs. Moreover, the chair is built perfectly to match up to the height of the table. The best part, you do need to make arrangements for assembling this dining set. The manufacturers will take care of it.

Since the dining table is made of wood, you must maintain it properly. You can use it for several years, if you avoid keeping hot and cold materials over the table, wipe off spillage, and use coasters and mats.


  • Great value for money.
  • Sturdy and comfortable.
  • Manufacturer will send help for assembly.


  • Some users report, the assembler uses lesser nuts and screws.
  • Without proper maintenance it would not last long.

4. @home by Nilkamal Four Seater Dining Table

These polished-brown 4-seater dining tables will guarantees of making your dining experience delightful. We loved its minimalistic design that is a nice blend of both modern and minimal and can complement the décor of all types of dining rooms. Its dark and polished appearance makes it appear elegant.

The manufacturers have also taken special care by adding a finely finished surface, which makes it look further, sophisticated. Some people may think, the table is a bit on the smaller side, but we say, it eventually helps in becoming cozy. Nilkamal also offers carpenter assistance for assembling the table, saving your time and money.

Like most products form Nilkamal., the table made from solid wood is extremely durable. The manufacturers use the highest quality of carpentry along with the state-of-the-art materials for increasing the longevity of the product. Capable of carrying ample weight, you will seldom need to worry about the table running into problems.

The dining table can double up as a workstation if you want. As already mentioned, it can carry ample weight, you can simultaneously use it for placing a computer. In that case, place a table-cloth or any other coverings, else the table top may get scratches.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Very elegant and stylish.
  • Capable of carrying substantial weight.
  • Can double up as a workstation.


  • The paint can come off even with minor scratches.
  • The table height is slightly higher than conventional dining tables.

5. @home by Nilkamal Sutlej Four Seater Dining Table Set

The Sutlej 4-seater dining table set is for a small family and those who prefer a contemporary dining table. Without doubt, it will increase the value of the dining space owing to its elegancy. Interestingly, at first sight, the table seems unfinished; perhaps this factor is its USP. Appearance-wise it looks raw and earthy, and lovers of conventional items will connect with it straight away.

The manufacturer ensures both the table and chair sport a conventional yet modern look. The chairs for instance, sporting sleek frames exemplify the minimalistic design. You will savor the experience of a candle light arrangement with your soul mate in this elegantly poised dining table. The contemporary-looking 4-seater table for sure will turn many heads.

Sutlej 4-seater dining table is an affordable option for everyone. The table appears fairly sturdy and should last for several years if you take proper care of it.  However, we advise you against placing heavy weights over it, as the thickness of the wood-material is not very thick.

We already covered some of the other wood and rubber-wood products earlier in this review. Thus, you should follow the same preventive measures when using this dining table for daily use. If you need to move the table after assembly, avoid pushing it from one end. At least two persons should lend their hand to do so.


  • Simple, yet looks elegant.
  • Assembling is super-easy.
  • It can brighten the mood when used on special occasions.


  • Delicate, so cannot carry much weight.
  • The thickness of the wood material is lesser.