Marble Top Dining Table

The choices are plentiful when you consider investing in a dining table. Among the available variants, the marble dining table top certainly stands out of the crowd.

The marble top tables are incredibly durable and boast of a refined look. These tables are expensive and ideal for individuals who are ready to go the extra mile investing in an impressive dining table set. In this review, we show you, some of the modern marble dining tables.

Top 4 Marble Top Dining Tables

SerialProduct NameDimensionPrimary MaterialIn the BoxCheck Best Price
1ALEX – Marble top 6 seater dining table  NAMarble1 dining table, 6 chairs..Check Best Price
2Hometown Kingsley Solid Wood Marble Top Six Seater Dining Table in Ivory Colour  90 x 180 x 76 cmSolid Wood1 dining tableCheck Best Price
3Royaloak Kalpa Six Seater Round Marble Dining Table Set134.6 x 134.6 x 76.2 cmMarble1 dining table, 6 chairs.Check Best Price
4SSH Sheesham Wood Marble Top 6 Seater Antique Dining Table  180 x 94 x 76 cmSheesham wood and marble1 dining table, 6 chairs.Check Best Price

1. ALEX – Marble Top 6 Seater Dining table

This 6-seater marble dining table along with six dining chairs will impress you straight away. The marble top dining table sports a crafted-wooden look. It is both sturdy and gentle, as the wooden support offers the table stability. The marble tabletop complements the six good-looking chairs. The tabletop provides ample space to place dining accessories.

We can go on to describe how remarkable the dining table is. However, while reviewing, we kept in mind the age-old proverb, “all that glitters is not gold”. Thus, we included those products only that ticks the important criteria of being elegant and robust. Alex, marble top 6-seater qualifies in both. We particularly liked the easy-to-maintain upholstery of the chairs. The six chairs fit the bill with the marble dining tabletop.

Marble dining tables will serve you for many years if you maintain it properly. Rest assured, it can even outlast all the other pieces of furniture in your home. Likewise, Alex’s marble top table will never go out of style. If you do consider buying this dining table, we are sure, you will never consider replacing it for several years.

Remember using coasters every time you use the table. Even if you place a glass of water, it will leave a ring, and you will find it hard to remove the stain. Great looks and robustness of the table outweigh the minor flaws. Go for it, if you want to enhance the look of your dining room.


  • Drop-dead looks.
  • It will last you for years.
  • Maintenance is easy.


  • Prone to scratches and etches.
  • Servicing cost is high.

2. Hometown Kingsley Solid Wood Marble Top Six Seater Dining Table in Ivory Colour

Here we bring to you another six-seater modern marble dining table. The ivory color lets you identify it amid all the other marble dining tables. The rich-look of this table is a suitable addition for your dining room. You will love using this table for multitasking purposes, for example, conducting an official meeting and so on. 

Hometown, in recent years has the reputation of introducing state-of-the-art furniture for Indian homes. This dining table is one such example. We can guarantee, you will seldom find such a unique and affordable marble dining tabletop. Hometown specializes in creating inspiring products after researching their looks form various corners of the globe. Thus, this dining table for sure will complement your interior décor.

Being six-seater, this dining table is perfect for hosting parties or for your guests. You will want to invite people, as their awestruck look will bring a smile to your face. The tabletop is thick and sturdy. It can sustain the capacity load, so you need not be choosy about placing dining accessories.

With the primary material being solid wood, the dining table blends well with the ivory-colored marble top. The manufacturer also offers assistance in assembling the furniture within 72 hours. The table rest is also worth looking at. You will rarely find such “U-shaped” support. It is certainly worth looking at if you are serious about buying a marble dining table.


  • Unique design.
  • A classic blend of marble and wood.
  • Assembly assistance from the manufacturer.
  • It looks stylish and suits every occasion.


  • It is very heavy.
  • The chairs could have been better.

3. Royaloak Kalpa Six Seater Round Marble Dining Table Set- Brown

Furniture lovers have a soft corner for italian marble dining table and chairs. Understandably, they are not affordable for many. So, here we have a dining table that mimics the Italian art marble with solid oak wood. A product, that should make you feel proud.  Like the other two marble top dining tables we covered earlier, this one too is a 6-seater. 

The natural beauty of marble unveils its sophisticated appeal. It promises to enhance the overall beauty of your dining room. Like most of the marble tops, you can count on its durability. The best thing about this product from Royaloak, the table is oval. Oval marble tops make it look further elegant and stylish. 

The table has a natural flowing design; as a result, it offers ample space for everyone. You will love to decorate this marble top with several accessories. Furthermore, you can go one step more and try to mix and match various styles and colors. Overall, you will love this product. 

The chairs that come along with this superbly-crafted table are equally gorgeous. They are spacious and comfortable, the upholstery and design are also unique. If you take proper care, it will retain its elegance for many years to come.


  • Italian marble art and solid oak wood finish.
  • Complements the décor of any style.
  • Assembly provided by the seller.
  • Oval style.


  • Being a white marble top it is not resistant from heavy objects.

4. SSH Sheesham Wood Marble Top 6 Seater Antique Dining Table

The blend of Sheesham and marble offers you sturdiness like never before. Also, its modern and contemporary look is worth drooling. Initially, you might not feel this marble top dining table will fit in six people as it claims. But, soon you will realize, it offers the necessary room to support the claim.

The designer chairs, guarantee ultimate comfort. The feeling is pure bliss when you sit together with your family and friends and enjoy the sumptuous delicacies. It goes without saying you will be using the dining table regularly. Let SSH Sheesham wood marble top, reveal your unique taste and personality to your esteemed guests. 

We reiterate the combo of Sheesham and marble makes this dining table look gorgeous. Rest assured, the product made from natural stone is one of its kinds. Its unique veining patterns are also worth a mention. The table is also environmental-friendly. Since it is made from natural stones, marble, and of course wood, it does not contribute towards pollution.

Its durability is unquestionable. However, you ought to invest in cleaning products designated specifically for cleaning such marble top dining tables. Avoid using low-quality or highly acidic cleaners. With proper maintenance, you can use it for an eternity.


  • The modern and contemporary looks.
  • Gorgeous looking and comfortable chairs.
  • Bedazzling shine.


  • Assembly can take time. 
  • Expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a marble a good option for the dining table?

Of course, marble is the most durable tabletop material, provided you maintain it accurately. It has the potential of outlasting all the other furniture at your home. Marble table tops are available in vivid colors and styles that make it a perfect fit for any interiors.

How long can you expect a marble tabletop to last?

A century, yes, you heard that right, marble countertops or tabletops can last more than a hundred years.

Which marble makes the best fit for dining tables?

A faux marble top will offer the best viewing experience as well as quality. It boasts of a lacquered metal base that is surely enhancing the style quotient. Furthermore, it has a flowing design that conveniently accommodates more people at the table.

What can you do to safeguard a marble tabletop?

Since marble is vulnerable, you must seal it for avoiding damages. Remember reapplying the seal at least twice a year. If you notice, water is no longer beading on the surface; you should go for a fresh coat.

Can you put hot items over a marble tabletop?

Generally, you should not have to worry about placing hot items over a marble table. Yet, you should exercise caution, and use placemats. Chances are, by regularly placing hot pots and pans over the marble tabletop can make it vulnerable to scratches, cracks, and discoloration.

Can you place a marble table in a kitchen?

You should not place a marble table in the kitchen. The bottom line is, marble is softer and porous and can develop etches and fade if it regularly comes in contact with water. Marble tabletops are ideal for the dining rooms.

Can marble tables crack under the influence of heat?

For the unaware, we get marble by compressing limestone, and it is resistant to heat. So, it should not be an issue if you expose marble to heat. Yet, it is advisable to safeguard, as at high temperatures marbles can crack.

Does a marble tabletop stain?

Yes, it can stain. The reason, it is soft and porous. Additionally, without proper maintenance, marble tabletops can also develop scratches and chips. For safeguarding it from stains, you should coat the marble tabletops with protective sealants.

Why do some individuals complain about marble tabletops?

A marble tabletop is a bad idea, have you heard this before? Despite knowing, it is one of the robust options, it isn’t easy digesting the above statement. The reality is, those who find the maintenance aspects of a marble tabletop a headache would grumble about it. You must be ready to take periodic measures for its upkeep.

What to do if the marble loses its shine?

Do not worry, if your marble tabletop loses its shine. Make a mixture of baking soda and water, apply it to a soft damp cloth and scrub the tabletop. Remember, wiping away the baking soda remains and soon the tabletop will sparkle again.

Do you need to seal a polished marble table?

If you have a polished marble tabletop, chances of water absorbency and staining are much less. Thus, you no longer require making arrangements for sealing it.

How to distinguish between real and fake marble?

A real marble will have prominent signs of wear and tear on the surface area. However, if you make a gentle scratch with a knife below the slab, and observe there is hardly any damage, it is not marble. You are dealing with a durable granite or perhaps a manufactured stone.

Can you repair a scratch over the marble tabletop?

Presently, you will find specific items like pastes for the aforesaid purpose. However, you should get an expert opinion and not experiment with those products. You may end up extending the damage.

How can you remove scratches from marble tables?

Mix warm water and dish soap (mild). First, rub the area with a damp cloth. Then dip the cloth in the mixture and rinse the surface. Follow it with buffing the surface and polishing it.

How can you fix the yellowing of the marble tabletops?

After years of use, marble tabletops may become yellowish. You can use an alkaline marble cleaner or a heavy-duty stone cleaner. Remember, the stone cleaner should be alkaline and not acidic, else it will dull the polish further.