Buyer’s Guide for Best Dining Table in India

Our website provides you the review and comparisons of the best dining tables in India of all sorts of price ranges.We have reviewed a lot of dining tables for you whether you’re looking for a six seater dining table or a glass top one or a wooden top one, we have something for all of you.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Dining Table

A dining table for most homes is considered the heart of the home. Family members and friends come together, and take pleasure in enjoying the tasty food. If you are considering buying a dining table, it is crucial to realize if the dining table doesn’t let you seat comfortably, and is frail, it will prey on the quality time you spend with your near ones.

This dining table buying guide will familiarize you in choosing the best dining table. From understanding the table measurements to choosing the right materials, we have got everything covered that will, for sure, enhance your knowledge on the subject.

Evaluate the purpose

The way you plan using the dining table will determine which table you should go for. So, evaluate its use primarily. Generally, you will use the dining table in the following ways:

Use it daily: If you are looking for a table for everyday dining, go for a sturdy and easy-to-clean product.

Use it for special occasions: Such tables ought to sport a premium and stylish look. Coupled with table extensions, it will impress your guests with its “wow factor”.

Use as a workstation: Yes, many people prefer dining tables that can double up as a workstation or desk. Such tables should be very durable and have sufficient space for accommodating laptops and other accessories.

Opt for a transportable table: Consider a portable table, if you are regularly on the move. Heavy tables would cause serious inconveniences when it is time to move on to a different city. You can still opt for hardwood tables, but in this case, opt for the ones that are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Choose the ideal material

Hardwood tables and even engineered woods are the most preferable choices. Considering, a dining table is an expensive investment, it should be durable. Most of the tables made from hardwood such as maple, walnut, and teak and so on are the best options. You can also go for the glass tops as it complements the home décor accurately.

These glass tops are tempered; therefore they are heat and scratch-resistant. Additionally, they are very robust, and will never crack if you drop something over it. Given the wide array of glass tops available, it can take you a while before you finalize the selection. For your convenience, we will elaborate on this a little later.

Measuring the dining table

Most of you would like to get into the business end of things, i.e. tips on the shape, size, and style. Despite the fact, that measuring a dining table is hardly any fun, it is mandatory. In an aim to make things easier for you, we pinpoint the main dining table measurements you need to focus on:

  1. Height: The dining table height determines to choose the ideal chairs.
  2. Length: Measuring the length of the dining table will help you decide how well it fits in the space you select for it.
  3. Width: If you plan using the table ends, measuring the width is an important criterion.
  4. The length of the inner leg: Do not confuse this with the length of the tabletop. It is the length of the table from inside the legs of the table.
  5. Apron: Most homeowners overlook this essential aspect. Apron refers to table depth. Remember, it will vary based on the table’s top material and design.
  6. Extensions: In certain emergencies, you may have to use table extensions. So, make sure, while measuring you consider this factor.

After measuring, evaluate some important points. Ask yourself, if everyone will fit in, and if there is enough space for extra chairs.

Size and shape

You need not choose a traditional dining table. You are welcome to experiment with various shapes too. Go for a round or oval table, it will help in maximizing the space and looks elegant as well. What more, the round tabletop takes less room and offers greater flexibility for seating.

The traditional, square tabletops provide plenty of available space. Furthermore, it can conveniently turn an unused corner of your home into a cozy dining location. Lastly, the rectangular-shaped dining tables can fit in into most rooms and they ideally match with dining benches.

Dining table styles

With so many styles to choose from, do not let them intimidate your buying decision. The selection should be based on the type of dining room. We reiterate, pick a style that matches your dining room décor. Then you can choose from either formal or casual dining tables. Below, we mention some of the trending styles.

  • Contemporary Dining Table: These tables are usually made of wood, and are in high demand among homeowners.  Their unique styles are appealing and guarantee quality finishing. These tables are a great choice for keeping your dining room to look refreshing.
  • Minimalist tables: These tables are not overrated, and they sport a minimalist yet modern look. The legs of these tables are usually of chrome or steel and include a glass top.
  • Transitional tables: If you desire to go for a blend of timeless and appealing look, pick up the transitional dining tables. It adds the right style and is clean and offers a rejuvenated look.
  • Industrial style: It refers to the use of items like metal, concrete, wood, and brick for creating a dining table. For sure, it is a welcome change from the traditional dining tables. If you can match it up with the accurate color palette, the style would be worth looking at.
  • Craftsman/mission tables: If you love the artwork, then this style would be appealing for you. Usually, these are handcrafted and understandably, involve a greater degree of craftsmanship.
  • Farmhouse/cottage tables: For the unaware, even the distressed wood can be reused to create dining tables. The farmhouse/cottage tables are the perfect examples. In this style, you are free to experiment with over-sized furniture along with a perfect blend of sophisticated colors and accents.
  • Coastal tables: Love seas? Well, with the coastal dining table, you can introduce the aura of the coastal life right into your living room. Generally, it uses weathered woods and includes the ideal blend of blue and white colors.
  • Glam tables: Gone are the days when you required breaking the bank to possess glam furniture. As the name suggests, it can greatly increase the value of your home. To add to the variety, it comes in metallic colors and has shiny legs. It is hard for the guests overlooking the craftsmanship that offers a lot of oomph.
  • Global dining table: Do you have a soft corner for special monuments of the world, like the leaning tower of Pisa, or the statue of liberty? Well, the global dining table offers you the liberty of replicating those designs on the tables. Generally, the styles are highly inspired by Asian and African aesthetics; you are free to choose from any preferable designs.
  • Tropical dining table: How about bringing the tropical island style inside your living room? With a blend of natural colors and accurate color mixing, you can achieve the said design. Remember, you must complement the design with a plant. 
  • Marble tables: Investing on a marble table is an expensive option. However, we include them in the list, as they are a treat for the eyes. Particularly, if you buy an imported crafted marble, you will take great pride in it. You can be sure, it will continue to remain gorgeous even after years of using it. However, apart from being expensive, these marble tables are unsuitable for people who move a lot.
  • Understandably, marble tables are heavy and bulky and are difficult to transport. Then again, it requires regular maintenance as it tends to accumulate stain rather quickly, and may also develop cracks. If you can afford one, do ensure you are mindful of these points.

Choosing the Dining table based on the available space

Do not think, space limitations will bring curtains to your desire of owning an elegant table. If you make subtle adjustments like opting for a table that comes with a space-saving pedestal base, it will help your cause. Similarly, a rounded-table can also help you save space. It is a prudent idea to upsize. For instance, if you have four family members, then go for a table that can accommodate at least six people.

Colour of the table

Modern-day dining tables come in attractive colors. You need not be content with the old-fashioned woody colors. You have the option of selecting from red, green, blue or any colors of your choice provided it complements the décor of your dining room. The modern trend suggests red-colored dining tables are in favor, as it matches all varieties of dining rooms, regardless of whether it a minimalist or stylish dining room.

Consider storage space

Well, it is not only about the seating arrangements and the looks of the dining table. You must also take into account the storage space. Modern tables have drawers, shelves for storing essential accessories like tablecloths, napkins, placemat and so on. You can choose from the following.

  • Folding tables- Such tables are best for rooms that have lesser space. They are also transportable and can be conveniently folded and collapsed after using. Furthermore, some of these folding tables can also expand if the need arises.
  • Tall dining tables- We already mentioned the importance of measuring the table before buying. You have the option of going for a height-adjustable dining table. You can adjust it at your will as and when necessary.

The Dining table with the best finishes

Now, as we promised, here is a comprehensive breakdown of the various types of materials that promises to enhance the look of your dining room.

High Gloss Dining Table

Appearance- Very bright, refreshing and modern.

Usage- If you prefer versatile styling, these high gloss dining tables will transform your dining room spectacularly. They boast of neutral qualities, and thus you can use a wide range of dining chairs and materials to go with it.

Maintenance- It does not require a lot for cleaning this table. Using a soft, damp cloth will serve the purpose. If necessary, you can use a mild detergent to get rid of the stains. If you take good care of the gloss by avoiding the use of sharp and pointed things, it will remain to look good for years.

Matt finished dining table

Appearance- Soft, cool-looking and very contemporary.

Usage- It is best suited for a relaxing family gathering. Matt’s dining tables seamlessly blend with several styles, so it suits everyone.

Maintenance- Again, there is not much fuss in cleaning this table. A soft-damp cloth is all that you need. Before re-using it, let the table dry, and avoid using any sharp and pointed objects on it.

Tempered Glass Dining Table

Appearance- Elegant, clean, and fresh.

Usage- Earlier, we did cover a bit on how glass can change the look of the dining room. Tempered glass is very durable and it also gives you the illusion of more space. Furthermore, you can experiment with various styles of chairs in vivid colors.

Maintenance- You can use nonporous and antibacterial sprays, for cleaning it. Alternatively, you can also use any glass spray for eliminating the surface from smears. Lastly, using soapy lukewarm water can also serve the cleaning purpose well.

Frosted Glass Dining Table

Appearance- Possesses a calm look, soft and has a hazy look.

Usage- Without the slightest of doubts, the frosted table is the durable version of the matt finished versions. You will love its luxurious looks, and how well it blends with the perfect smooth finish. Once you buy it, you can use it for several years.

Maintenance- Cleaning a frosted glass requires a non-streaking window cleaner. You can also make use of antibacterial sprays or a soft lint-free towel. Avoid placing hot utensils on it, and like the above variants we discussed so far, do not use any sharp or pointed objects on it.

HPL Finish Dining Table

Appearance- It looks bright but it is devoid of any gloss. It has a satin look and also contains a minute sheen.

Usage- It is best for families who love to spend some time during their meals.

 The material is incredibly strong and robust, so you can use it in the way you like it.

Maintenance- It is easy to maintain these types of the dining table. You can clean it in the same ways as has been mentioned in the above tables. But, stay away from using corrosive chemicals as they can damage the surface of the table.

That is it, you have plenty to choose from. Still, if picking up the right dining table looks confusing, you can go for the mixed material versions. These are tables that come in various combination finishes.

Before we wind up, here is our last word of advice. Regardless of whichever dining table you choose, ensure you use placemats during mealtime. It will protect the table surface and sustain its elegant looks for ages.

Dining table buying guide FAQs

Which type of dining table should be the best?

Rectangular dining tables are most preferable for all the right reasons. It can accommodate many people at a time. Furthermore, you can place many items over it when hosting a party. The linear shape does not cramp the room for space.

What is the approximate cost of a dining table?

The price of a dining table depends on a wide array of factors. Usually, the size, material, shape, and design will determine its cost. You can buy a dining table for as low as 5,000 rupees or as high as 50,000 rupees or more.

Which is the most durable dining table?

In India, most people consider dining tables as a one-time investment. Therefore, the criterion would be selecting a durable product. If you prefer a table that should last for a lifetime, go for the hardwood ones. Presently, there are many alternatives to hardwood, like engineered woods and MDF, but they are not as durable and won’t last a lifetime.

What is the best way to get dining chairs?

The best way of procuring good-quality dining chairs is by going for a dining table set. If you consider buying the dining table only, you should treat the chairs with equal importance. Like dining tables, the price of chairs can also vary.

Is it feasible to put a glass top over a wood table?

Of course, a glass tabletop is a great way to safeguard the wooden dining table surface from damages. Since glasses are transparent, you can see the wood below it without any difficulties.

What is the best dining table shape for a small room?

If you do not have adequate space for accommodating a conventional dining table, you can go for a round table. Not only will it create a cozy and intimate setting, but it will also perfectly match with the interiors.

Is it necessary for dining chairs to match the table?

No, dining chairs need not match the table. It is all about comfort and robustness. You can however consider the color of the chairs for complementing it with the dining table.

What type of glass tabletop is best for a wooden table?

Dining tables have to weather a lot of storms. Therefore, you should go for tempered glass. Tempered glass is special glasses; they are heat-treated and are very durable. By any chance, if the tempered glass breaks, it won’t be hazardous, as it will break into small pieces. 

Which chair color goes best with a black dining table?

By selecting a black-colored dining table, you get the advantage of using chairs of any colors. Undoubtedly, it will be visually appealing. You can preferably go for green, red, or yellow-colored chairs that will offer a splendorous contrast.

Can you make a wooden dining table waterproof?

Yes, it is possible. You will find specific products that help seal the wooden table. Generally, such products are coated with polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer. You should consult an expert for the right solution. 

What is the accurate way of cleaning a wooden dining table?

Use a lightly damp microfiber cloth for removing dust and grime from the wooden dining table. As you know, water is detrimental for the longevity of wood, use the cloth to wipe down water. For dusting, you can again use the microfiber cloth and wipe the table clean. You can also use vinegar for cleaning wood.

What is the ideal depth for a dining chair?

Preferably, consider the depth of a dining chair to be at least 20 to 24 inches. It will make the sitting experience most comfortable. Generally, dining tables are 29 to 30 inches in height. The aforementioned depth is just right for use in such tables.

Is it necessary for the dining table to match the style of the kitchen cabinets?

There is no such thumb rule. However, you must match it pretty much along the lines of your existing dining space. Since dining tables in most households are in the kitchen, it looks good if the furniture complements the overall décor of the room.

How often should you wax a wooden dining table?

You should wax your wooden dining table at least twice a year. Even though it may seem a daunting task, it is worth it as it will increase the longevity of the furniture. Waxing offers protection of the wood grains and safeguards it from developing cracks.