Do you really need a dining table?

The answer to whether we really need a dining table will lead to different reactions depending on who answers it. For example, a senior person will answer in the affirmative. However, the present generation seems to incline towards smaller footprint living. As a result, the dining rooms do not find a place in their home designs. So, it is obvious, these people would raise their eyebrows and disregard the value of a dining table.

Even the latest surveys conducted by pioneer organizations prove the dining habits of people has drastically changed over the years. So, is the dining table still a necessity? The answer is a big resounding “yes”. Read on, as we elaborate on why dining tables should be an integral part of every household.

The significance of the dining table

According to all the health experts, especially the nutritionists, healthy eating does not involve the food we eat. When you are conscious and mindful about your food in a favorable environment, it helps in digestion and energizes the mind too.

Picture this, all the family members sitting together around the dining table talking with each other seems like a story of a forgotten era. The warmth and courteousness used to spread contagiously. Friends and relatives used to be frequent visitors, and for them, innovative seating ideas had to be created. Imagine this scenario, everyone talking with each other and enjoying the delicacies or enjoying their respective wine glasses.

The above illustration indicates when you eat together with family and friends; you rejuvenate both physically and mentally. For a change, you are least worried about your work, and the stress related to it. You get a chance to interact with your loved ones and share a hearty conversation.  Thus, you can leave any other furniture but never neglect a dining table.

 Dining table unites people

Several studies believe; families that share meals around a dining table are more likely to be closer. Of course, owing to the present lifestyle changes it might not be possible for everyone. However, health experts emphasize the importance of practicing this habit for the sake of children.

Adults can plan a day or two when the whole family eats together. It gives the golden chance to the parents to forget their work-related stresses for a while and interact with the children and feel relaxed.

A dining table improves the quality of food

What does a dining table have to do with our food choice, you may ask? However, this is a fact, you cannot ignore. When we are in a hurry, we tend to prepare a quick meal often fast food and devour it within a whisker and set out for work.

Understandably, it instigates unhealthy food habits, and it becomes a habit. When the entire family sits together, the dining table naturally becomes a focal point, and it encourages everyone to indulge in healthy and nutritious meals.

Dining together helps you to prepare for the day

As busy schedules continue to encroach personal lives, for most of us sitting and eating around the dining table is becoming less common. Again, health experts and nutritionists suggest, we all should make it mandatory to start the day by sitting together and enjoy the meal around a dining table.

The habit will help you unwind and relax immediately. Most importantly, as we mentioned earlier, this is a time when you forget about your workload for a while. Ultimately, you are in a better position to face the challenges in your workplace.

Some of you may question, spending longer mealtimes at the dining table during the mornings will prove detrimental to their busy schedules. You do not have to spend a lot of time, rather dedicate some quality time eating meals with your family members, and see the difference it makes in your life.

Dining tables allows staying aloof from gadgets

There isn’t any shame in admitting, we have become slaves to all the gadgets we have. Be it the smartphone, the tabs, the laptops, or anything, most of us are glued to these devices for as long we can. Conscious people are already aware of the ill-effects of the above habits.

What can be a better idea, than making the dining table a digital-free zone? Let everyone in the family enjoy some quality time without the invasion of digital notifications. The practice is bound to reap rich dividends for all the members of the family.

Useful tips to bring everyone around the dining table

By now, you have got enough evidence, why dining tables should be indispensable. However, you cannot change things overnight. Probably, most of the individuals in your family have already become accustomed to their habits. Let us elaborate.

You or any other family member might fit into this routine, where breakfast means biting tits bits on the way to work, and a quick lunch at the office desk. Returning home, dinner is a formality and is consumed while the eyes are on the TV or the mobile screen. Ah! And the occasional eating outs. These habits won’t change in a matter of a few minutes. Here are some ideas you can try, and we believe you will soon succeed.

Change the design of the dining space

You can take the help of an interior designer if you want, but you ought to make the place around the dining table refreshing. Clutter and mess can be detrimental, so remove them first and spare no effort in making the dining room look attractive.

Ban the entry of digital devices

We already highlighted this point earlier. This is something that everyone should strictly follow. If you are the head of the family, insist everyone, mealtimes should be regarded as a period of getting off from the digital devices. Everyone should follow this practice. Gradually, they will start enjoying it.

Stop giving lame excuses; you can always make out time

We are busy, yes we all are. But, that does not mean we cannot spare time out of it and enjoy our favorite foods together. After all, it is the dining table, where you can relish your favorite item cooked by someone you love. Furthermore, you become more conscious of the food you are eating and boost your mental health.

Make dining together with a strict routine

Let your smartphone remind you when it is time for dinner. You will find one more reason to thank the gadgets. When you make sitting and eating together a routine, you will eventually become habituated to it.

Let the kids take the initiative

Even kids nowadays are increasingly becoming tech maniacs. The adults are to be blamed for this, after all those kids follow our daily activities closely. Let us learn from the kids now. Someone should take the initiative and involve the kids in food preparations and even shopping. Let them act as the alarm for notifying it is mealtime. This way, they will also learn early about the benefits of sitting together around a dining table.

There is no denial, in the coming days, we will witness modifications of the dining table. It is obvious as lifestyles are constantly changing. Most people living in small apartments may find fitting a dining table as a challenge. There is a way out too.

Collapsible or folding tables, built-in slide-out tables, and many more options are there for you to try out. We reiterate, never overlook the importance of a dining table, it was, and will remain significant in our lives for ages to come.