The best luxury dining table sets

Distinguished brands that manufacture luxurious items do not need any introduction. Since we are covering the various dining tables, surely, some of you would be keen on buying luxury dining table sets.

In this review, we tried to include the items that offer unmatched style and quality, yet is affordable. So, check out the list. Maybe you will find one that matches your budget despite its luxurious feel.

The 5 best luxury dining table sets

SerialProduct NameDimensionPrimary MaterialIn the BoxPrice
1DriftingWood Dining Table 6 Seater | Dining Room Set with Six Chairs | Dinning & Kitchen Furniture | Sheesham Wood, Walnut Finish30 x 59 x35 inchSheesham1 dining table, 6 chairs..Check Best Price
2Merax Dining Table Set Kitchen Dining Table Set for 4, Wood Table and Chairs Set45 x 29 x 30 inchMDF and waterproof coating1 dining table, 4 chairsCheck Best Price
3DesignerZ Hub Dining Table Set25.4 x 25.4 x 25.4 cmSolid Wood1 dining table, 6 chairsCheck Best Price   
4Shilpi Handmade Luxury Wooden 8 Seater Dining Table Set Home Décor  36 x 90 x 30 inchesSheesham1 dining table, 8 chairs.Check Best Price
5Giantex 5-Piece Dining Table Set, Folding Tabletop, Wood Kitchen Table Set with 4 Chairs, Modern Home Furniture for Family106.7 x 80 x 74.9 cmWood1 dining table, 4 chairs.Check Best Price

1. DriftingWood Dining Table 6 Seater | Dining Room Set with Six Chairs

A wooden dining table at your repertoire guarantees elegance and brightens the living room. This 6-seater from Driftingwood offers you the ideal combination of perception and modernization. As you enhance the overall look, dining with your family members or friends will become a new-found experience.

You can choose between various colors, we particularly loved the one that sports a grayish color. The table is very sturdy and can withstand the pressure of all the dining accessories. Being a 6-seater, it also offers ample space for most of your family members. Other than dining, you can also use the table for studying or for parties and meetings. 

A luxurious dining table would mean, sinking in the chair, you will close your eyes in comfort. In this aspect, the ergonomically designed chairs will be more than satisfactory. The ultimate-comfortable cushiony chairs, with proper backrest support, will elate you. Yes, they are without armrests, but that should not intrude with the comfort level a bit.

Generally, most of us believe, any luxurious products would require the help of an expert for assembling. This product by Driftingwood is a welcome surprise. Assembling the set is super-easy. You can do it by reading the instruction manual. Thus, you are ready to use this graceful table dining table set within a few minutes.


  • Available in various colors and styles.
  • Extremely sturdy.
  • Assembling is easy, you can do it yourself.


  • Not resistant to scratches.
  • Chair seating height might not please some people.

2. Merax Wood Dining Table Set Kitchen Dining Table Set for 6

Welcome this luxurious dining table set for six at your home and see how it changes the vigor of the place. According to the manufacturer, this dining table sets offers a gracious combo of a modern twist and glossy appearance. And they are right; this dining table set is a class act. You can utilize it for daily use or for special occasions.

The design of the chairs guarantees the best ever comfort. By looking at these chairs for the first time, you can sense it. The ergonomically designed chairs will fit the contour of your spine precisely. We bet, you never felt so comfortable while binging on your favorite cuisines. The manufacturer ensures, the set is kid-friendly, thus they have rounded the edges and smoothened the corners.

This modern and luxury dining table set is manufactured from MDF or engineered wood and includes a high-quality waterproof coating. Unlike most dining tables, you need not worry about spillage damaging the tabletop. Both the table and chairs can sustain weights up to 150 and 90 Kg respectively that indicate the dining table set is very robust as well. Cleaning and maintenance most importantly are easy.

The dining table sets have varied ranges. You will find it difficult in making up the mind, which to go for. Nevertheless, it is a good problem to have. You can be sure about the same robustness of all its varieties. 


  • Exquisite design.
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • Have many color and design options.
  • Adds to the décor of any interiors.
  • Kid-friendly design.


  • The surface of the table is vulnerable to scratches.

3. DesignerZ Hub Dining Table Set ( 1 Table  + 6 Chairs)

We bet, the initial impression looking at the DesignerZ Hub dining table set would lead you in a dilemma. This dining table set looks so aristocrat, you might not want to believe it is a dining table set. Made from solid wood along with its enriching color, this is the ultimate luxury table for your dining space.

The manufacturer, DesignerZ has a good reputation in the world of furniture. This dining table set is a classic example of why they are one of the pioneers in this arena. The chairs of this dining table set have cushioning on the seat and the spine. The high backrest features stripes, which will make you feel comfortable. The table, on the other hand, is a beast. It looks muscular and can handle a substantial weight.

We recommend using this luxurious dining table set on special occasions. Of course, you are welcome to use for daily servings, in that case, be very careful about its maintenance. One scratch here and there or spillage will ruin the look, something that you will never appreciate. Needless to say, this elegant dining table can also double up as your office table too.

DesignerZ provides the necessary support for assembling the set. Additionally, they offer a year of warranty and promptly attend to the problems as and when necessary. Go and get this luxurious dining table set, you will make many people envious, for sure.


  • Incredibly built.
  • The most stylish and robust furniture.
  • Assembly provided by the manufacturer.
  • Chairs are very special.


  • It requires a lot of maintenance to ensure its looks.
  • The set is very bulky.

4. Shilpi Handmade Luxury Wooden 8 Seater Dining Table Set Home Décor

You would want to upgrade the looks of your living room, once you view this exquisite dining table set. So far, we have talked about how these sets can match up the décor of your rooms. Shilpi Handmade Luxury eight-seater dining table deserves all the accolades. It is a prolific beauty, and equally robust in handling the load of dining accessories.

Quality Sheesham wood gives it enough power, as well as the rich-look. The chairs too are a class apart from the contemporary designs. The class and elegance shows in every bit of this furniture. The curved backrest of the chairs is a blissful experience when you sit on them. Get into the royal mode with all your family members when you use this dining table set.

The dining table is bound to attract attention from your guests if you utilize it during home parties or any other special occasions. You will feel proud if you acquire this set. There is hardly anything you will find to complain about in this exquisite dining table set.

Now, here comes the surprise. Despite being so graceful and loaded with features, this dining table set costs a fraction of some of the other luxurious dining tables. We think this is an opportunity that you should capitalize on right away. Include this one in your checklist, or we insist, go for it.


  • Exclusive and elegant design.
  • Best features in all aspects.
  • It will last for years with proper maintenance.
  • Jaw-dropping looks.


  • It requires a lot of maintenance.
  • Not affordable for everyone.

5. Giantex 5-Piece Dining Table Set, Folding Tabletop, Wood Kitchen Table Set with 4 Chairs

The Giantex four-seater dining table set blends luxury with simplicity. Surely, the unconventional looks will make you fall for it as soon as you view the set. Made from wood, this dining table set adds the touch of sophistication to your living room, along with a minimalist design.

The quality of the dining table speaks a lot about its exclusiveness. The high-quality solid rubberwood makes it versatile and durable. It also contains a PU coating that offers smoothness to the tabletop surface and makes it resistant to water damages.

Another exclusive feature of the table is it is extendable. As and when necessary, you can extend the table for accommodating more people. Otherwise, you can use it in the compact form and enjoy the meals with four people. The chairs also offer the touches of class in every bit. It sports a curved backrest and a curved edge. These factors make sitting a very comfortable experience.

The dining table set is also ideal for small apartments. Worries related to space will no longer be an issue. The table legs are considerably higher; as a result, you can place the chairs under the table when they are not in use. Assembling the dining table set is also easy, and you can do it yourself.


  • Very durable.
  • Ideal for use in small apartments too.
  • The ergonomic design of the chairs.
  • Assembling is very easy.


  • Available only in lighter colors.
  • It does not come with termite protection.