How to find the best dining table on a budget

Picture this situation; the need of the hour states a worthy replacement of your old dining table. You enthusiastically commence searching for the new products either at the furniture stores or at the local furniture store. Very soon, you locate the dining table that meets your specifications.

As you proceed, checking its price, it dampens your spirit. Surely, most of us have been in such situations. So, is it possible to buy a quality dining table on a budget? If you are reading this right now, probably, you are searching for one. You won’t be disappointed, read on and soon you will have enough reasons to smile.

The initial approach

Before we delve deeper, you should understand, the term “on a budget” will vary from one person to the other. Generally, the dining tables available from retail online or offline stores will make you break the bank. Presently, you cannot afford to spend that much. Therefore, you need to make certain changes to your planning.

Understandably, you cannot compromise with the quality along with its shape and size. Here, you need to do some homework and come up with interesting choices. Precisely, your criteria would be getting a piece of robust furniture that features the best shape, style, and color that can set the tone for the drawing-room.

Wooden dining tables can be expensive, so you ought to look for worthy alternatives. Rosewood tables in India are becoming massively popular, as they offer durability and are affordable. The other options you have are glass and laminate dining tables. For your convenience, we elaborate on each of these variants. 

Glass dining tables

When you select a glass dining table, you can expect to transform your dining room exceptionally. Glass tables offer an airy appeal owing to their transparency. Furthermore, you can experiment with frosted, tinted, and stained variants that best fits with your room décor. If your dining room is dark or is low in space, glass dining tables are a worthy addition. The glass top will let light filter through and illuminate the entire area brilliantly. More importantly, glass dining tables are cost-efficient.

Laminate dining tables

Rest assured, laminate dining tables are the most affordable materials you can get. As you might know, laminates are extensively used as an overlaying decorative layer over materials like plywood or MDF. However, the laminate dining tables will lack durability and longevity. But, that is acceptable, considering its price range. Similarly, you can choose from structural or composite wood, like MDF boards too.

Rosewood/Sheesham wood dining tables

Sheesham wood is the most affordable option than any other hardwood variant. It boasts of features that can give the best quality woods like Teak, a run for its money. The unique grainy structure also gives it an aesthetic appeal. Despite its affordable price, Sheesham wood makes the most alluring and versatile furniture. What more, you will love the varieties in which this wood is available. If you prefer the “raw” properties of wood Sheesham wood will not disappoint you. It is available in a wide array of shades, from plain withered look to dry redwood shade; it comes in various grainy structures. Choose according to the décor of your dining room, and see the difference it makes.

Refurbished or a secondhand wood dining table

Presently, you will find many online portals selling refurbished wood dining tables. We understand, for some individuals, they cannot think beyond wood when it comes to dining tables. You can also find a secondhand or used dining table at farmhouses or heritage buildings.

Understandably, these tables are seasoned as they have passed the time test. The scratches and cuts occurring on the surface of the table are smartly camouflaged in exquisite designs. Such dining tables serve a dual purpose, firstly, they are cost-efficient, and secondly, these tables are best fits the bill for families with children.

Places to look for inexpensive deals

Your search for dining table should not remain confined to the online shopping portals and the furniture stores alone. Since the expense is an integral part of influencing your buying decision, you can try your luck at some other places. Believe it or not, many people have found furniture of incredible build and design from these places. Here is the list for you.

Real estate sales

Often, you stand the chance of acquiring antique pieces of furniture including dining tables from real estate sales. The geographical location may play a pivotal role in the quality of the furniture. If you are lucky, you can expect to get solid wood dining tables at unbelievable prices. As mentioned earlier, these dining tables are time tested, so you need not worry about its durability.

Exchange and second-hand websites

Presently, some Indian websites like OLX and Quickr, deal with all kinds of furniture at jaw-dropping prices. Perhaps, an individual is considering buying a new dining table, so he wants to sell off his old furniture at a reduced price. It might be time-consuming, but if you browse the site patiently, you may be in for some good deals on finding a quality dining table.

End of season sale

Refer to this link where we have already covered the best places where you can buy the best dining tables. All these places, both offline and online periodically come with fabulous discounts. If you follow their respective websites, you can avail of those discounts and become a proud owner of a quality dining table.

Get unfinished furniture

If you have some time in hand and are passionate about doing things yourself, buying an unfinished dining table can be a cost-efficient option. Since this furniture is not fully ready, you might have to make the finishing touches, for example painting them or attaching the screws and joints. Not only will you save a lot of money, but you can also expect a good dining table too.


So, with the above tips, you can manage to find a low-maintenance and inexpensive dining table. We reiterate, it can take some time before you can find the best deal, but the wait is worth it. Remember though, when buying a low-budget dining table, ensure it has wood joints, as such tables will be robust and will hardly require maintenance. If the dining table has too many hooks and joints it will require periodic maintenance, thus it will be a blow to your savings.