Best 12 Seater Dining tables

Here we Review 12 seater & 10-seater dining tables for a large family allowing them to spend more time with each other.

In our attempt to bring you the most comprehensive guide on dining tables, we sincerely tried to venture everything related to it. We were in the pursuit of a mega 12-seater dining table. However, we could only find a solitary piece. Thus, we decided to include a 10-seater variant as well.

Each of these tables offers sufficient place for large families and can be very useful when you are hosting parties or events. So, let us cut to the chase straight away.

12 and 10-seater dining table sets respectively

SerialProduct NameDimensionPrimary MaterialIn the BoxPrice
1Aprodz Sheesham Wood Lima 12 Seater Dining Table Set  213 x 213 x 78 cmSheesham1 dining table, 12 chairs.Check best Price
2Sudarshan Shilp Classic Unic 10 Seater Dining Table Set  20 x 30 x 30 cmSheesham and Teak1 dining table, 10chairs.Check best Price

Aprodz Sheesham Wood Lima 12 Seater Dining Table Set

Expectedly, a 12-seater dining table will be huge. However, it is not going to pinch a hole in your pocket as far as affording it is concerned. In our busy lives, we hardly find time to talk with the other members of the family. Aprodz Sheesham wood 12-seater promises to accumulate everyone and enjoy a hearty meal.

Well, a table, no matter how big it is, would not serve the purpose unless it matches your dining room décor. Additionally, going by the present trend, you would want the furniture to be elegant. This dining table will make you proud in all the aforesaid aspects. The table boasts of contemporary design and is uncompromising on comfort. You are all set to be in the limelight when others spot this beautiful piece of furniture at your home.

As you are already familiar, reading the reviews of several other products, Sheesham wood guarantees durability. Therefore, this dining table will serve you for several years, before you look for a replacement. The side carvings of the table deserve a special mention. It makes the table look sophisticated.

Overall the table sports several top-quality details, along with the curvy designing chairs. You will get a royal feeling sitting on the chairs.At first sight, it appears the dining table has a vintage look, and this is its USP. It is a fairly new entrant in the market, and usually, not many people go for such a mammoth table. For the sake of party mongers, this table is a must-buy.


  • The royal and vintage look.
  • Fits in perfectly in any given space despite its size.
  • The affordable price.
  • Handcrafted by master craftsmen.


  • The assembly requires external help and can take time to set up.
  • The chairs do not have cushions.

Sudarshan Shilp Classic Unic 10 Seater Dining Table Set

Considering, dining tables are the second most important thing you decide buying, being spot on with decision matters a lot. Particularly, if your requirement is somewhat uncommon like you need a table for occupying more than eight people. The 10-seater dining table from Sudarshan Shilp is very appealing and is worth a look. Sheesham wood is the primary material used to make this table.

Additionally, the natural frame comprises teak wood. Needless to say, this table is one of the sturdiest pieces of furniture you will ever come across. The styling aspect is well taken care of by placing a solid glass over the tabletop.

Going by the looks, this table will remind you of the table used for board meetings in corporate sectors. Honestly, the table has too many “wow” factors, and you have the license to drool over it. The chairs too look different than the conventional ones. The steel armrests, with ample backrest, should be super-comfortable for anyone.

Unlike most other dining tables, assembling this product is easy. You must handle it with care, as it contains a glass tabletop. That reminds us, we cannot afford to miss out on telling you about the advantages of this glass table. It will create a perfect illusion and enhance the space further, as they reflect light and have an airy look. 

The manufacturer offers you with vast choices. Apart from the conventional rectangular tables, you can also go for the round table sets, if you intend to put in an extra chair or two, these rounded tables are excellent choices.


  • It looks a class apart.
  • Assembling is easy.
  • Frame material is Teak.
  • The glass tabletop adds to its style.


  • The dining table is bulky.
  • Glass tabletops require extensive care.