10 things to consider before buying a dining table

10 things to consider before buying a dining table

So, it is time to bring a new dining table for your home. Understandably, you will be contemplating the wide array of choices. A dining table is different from the other furniture. It unites all the members of the family. It would not make a difference if your home does not have a sofa or any other pieces of furniture.

A dining table is indispensable for every home, as no other furniture can bring everyone close to each other. All things considered, your ultimate goal will be to buy a dining table that further enhances the family bonding.  We have handpicked some vital tips, and it should help you in acquiring the ideal dining table for your home.


No matter, however appealing certain dining tables are, it will be an expensive investment, and you will not appreciate looking for a new one anytime soon. But then, you cannot ignore its normal wear and tear, stains, and occasional spillage. It makes choosing a sturdy table necessary. Thus, the preferred materials for a dining table should revolve around oak, maple, walnut, and teak.

Indeed, the budget plays an upper hand in such buying decisions. Presently, you get the option of Sheesham wood, which is equally sturdy and is affordable. Additionally, engineered and composite woods are some other options, but they can never compete with the sturdiness of the wooden dining tables.

Evaluate the size of the dining room

As mentioned earlier, choices are abundant, and you are free to select any classy dining table you prefer. However, imagine the setback, if the furniture does not fit in the place where you want to put it. So, before even looking at the dining tables, you ought to study the space availability. These calculations will influence the factors like, the dimension of the dining table, and the number of people that can sit comfortably.


Styling is also a crucial aspect, and the materials mentioned above offers you dining tables with eye-catching styles. You can also mix and match different styles to complement the décor of your living room. The decision will primarily depend on the style of your house. You can choose from traditional, classic, modern, and industrial style dining tables.

Remember, the style you choose will ultimately set up the mood in the dining room. How about introducing a dramatic feel? Go for dark wood, rich in colors, and combine the chairs with leather, or fabric. Likewise, there is a wide array of styles waiting to enhance your dining space.

The shape of the dining table

Here again, the dining table size is directly related to the available space where you want to keep it. For small apartments, finding adequate space is a struggle. A 36-44 inch square 4-seater dining table or a 36-48 inch round dining table is tailor-made for such spaces. Nowadays, you can also opt for triangular-shaped dining tables, these tables can accommodate more people in a limited space.

However, rectangular, oval, and circular dining tables continue to remain a favorite choice for most homeowners. You are free to experiment with longer tables if you have the available space. It paves the way for 8 or even 12-seater dining tables.

Evaluate the type of usage

Before finalizing the purchase decision, you should have a concrete idea of how you plan to use the piece of furniture. So, if your requirement is for a dining table for regular usage it has to be a sturdy one. In case, you are keen to use the dining table for special occasions and prefer more decorative designs, consider glass and marble tables as prime contenders.

One suggestion, if you live in a rented apartment, prefer a lightweight and durable dining table. We will elaborate on this point a bit later. Lastly, you can select the drop leaf dining tables. The specialty of these tables, you can extend the tabletop as per your needs.

Seating arrangements

Preferably, you should consider buying a dining table set. This way, the chairs will be a perfect match with the dining table. However, you do not need to consider this as a rule of thumb. With changing times, eclectic style is captivating the imagination of most homeowners. It lets you explore various possibilities of chair selection, in eye-catching styles and shapes.

Benches are also fast becoming a top-favorite for sitting alongside the dining table. As you can understand, benches not only save space, it adds a dash of freshness to the seating arrangement.

Transportation and Assembly

Honestly, homeowners seldom spare a thought about transportation and assembly. Without a doubt, these are pertinent factors. If you opt for a large dining table, assembling it would require professional help. Furthermore, there is certain furniture that comes in small and irregular shapes, and assembling it becomes a challenge. Moreover, you will need to sort out, whether the furniture will make it through the main entrance of your home.

If you are planning to set up the dining table on the first floor, will it be convenient to lift it via the stairs? Then again, if you are a frequent mover, you should opt for a table that is easy to disassemble or at least does not involve a fuss when you need to move it.

Glass dining table

As promised, we will now elaborate on the various types of dining tables based on their usage. Glass dining tables top the list in this category. It works exceptionally well with all kinds of home décor. As you can expect, glass dining tables will reflect light, it illuminates the space. Additionally, modern tempered glasses are a lot tougher than you imagine.

Glass dining tables are a center of attraction for any family occasion or party. Presently, they are available in spectacular designs, colors, textures, and finishes that add a touch of glamour.

Marble Dining Table

Yes, marble dining tables promise to pinch a hole in your pocket, but no other furniture can match up to its grandeur. State-of-the-art marble dining tables are timeless and it livens up the dining room. However, it has a fair share of drawbacks too. Firstly, it is very heavy. Secondly, it is vulnerable to stain and cracks. Thirdly, it requires maintenance. Nevertheless, marble dining tables are show stoppers for grand occasions.

Retro-styled dining tables

Often we regard retro furniture to those that pass from one generation to the other. Possibly, you have one such piece of furniture in your family, or you may also consider getting them from an auction site. It goes without saying the quality and style of these tables will attract the eyeballs of the onlookers.

Rest assured quality and style from the old era never gets out of fashion and you can treasure it for many generations. If you are a person who has a knack of collecting antique furniture, include the retro-styled dining table in your list. You will cherish your decision for years to come.

So, that’s about it. Before we wind up, we would like to remind you to make your selection wisely. When you buy a dining table with the above considerations, you can expect to treasure unforgettable memories.