Best places to Buy a Dining Table in India

Where do all the members of a family get together for a hearty conversation? No prizes for guessing the answer, it is the dining table. Inarguably, it is one of the most important pieces of furniture for every home. After using this furniture for years, it will naturally depreciate.

So, when you feel, now is the time to look for a new and upgraded dining table, you would surely like to compare and review various products. Right from the brick and mortar store in your area to the online portals, buying options are plentiful. We have done the hard work for you, in identifying the best places from where you can buy a dining table. So, let us get started with the best online shopping portals first.

Amazon India

Check out the exclusive collection of dining table sets from Amazon. The site understands the varied requirements, tastes, and preferences of customers and accordingly offers you a bouquet of dining tables. You can shop for single dining tables, dining table sets, and also patio dining tables.

At Amazon, you can find the best products of all the reputed table manufacturers, for instance, Nilkamal, Cello, Royaloak, Lifestyle, and many more. Furthermore, you can also check out the new providers who are offering quality dining tables at a budget-friendly price. Amazon also understands, most homeowners do not prefer involving in the intricacies of assembling the furniture. Thus, they also offer pre-assembled dining tables or ensure the manufacturers provide the support for setting it up. 

Since the preferences and budget alongside varying from one customer to the other, Amazon offers you dining tables made from a wide array of materials. Wooden dining tables as we all know are the best, you can choose from hundreds of fashionable ranges. Wooden furniture as we know is costly, the budget-conscious can also opt for Sheesham wood, plastic, metal, stone, glass, PVC and MDF variants. Choose from 2-seater, 4-seater, 6-seater, 8-seater, and 12-seater dining tables.

Amazon will also let you explore the various shapes of the dining table. Try the oval and round-shaped dining tables, including the sets for a welcome change of your dining room. The website also prioritizes the best cushiony chairs that come along with these dining tables.


Flipkart offers a wide range of dining tables at unbeatable prices. The site ensures all the dining tables sold on their site have more than 10 years of life. From wooden dining tables to the granite dining tables, you can find the best match for your living room here. Flipkart also includes products from all the leading dining table manufacturers in India. Additionally, they offer their exclusive ranges under the name of Flipkart Perfect Homes.

Flipkart does not deal with the 12-seater dining table, instead, it keeps the 10-seater variant. Ideally, for a small family, you should be able to satisfy your requirements from here. That is not all, as Flipkart has the reputation of offering products at unbelievable prices, the dining tables are no exceptions either. You can filter your searches and get an insight on dining tables available with 50% or more discounts.

Expectedly, you can choose from various materials and colors. Special mention is a must of the engineered wood dining tables. Flipkart has an exclusive collection of this furniture. You are welcome to take a sneak peek on the other variants i.e. the glass, metal, solid wood, and stone. Here also, you can expect to get tables that come pre-assembled or easy-to-install. If you opt for dining tables that offer additional storage, then you will not be disappointed, there are many such tables waiting to fit inside your dining hall.

 With nearly a thousand robust and good-looking dining tables to choose from, you would do better in spending as much time for reviewing and comparing most of the items. Flipkart has something for every home regardless of the size of the apartment you live in. You are all set to get a brand new and jaw-dropping dining table within minutes.


When you visit Snapdeal for dining tables, get ready for a visual feast. The wide range of dining tables in this site appears mesmerizing to the eyes. However, it is not only about the looks, but these tables are also robust and can last for many years. Snapdeal however, does not include products of the premium dining table manufacturers. Rather they seem to be focusing on the providers who are offering durable and good-looking dining tables.

Look at the range of foldable dining tables at this site. Such dining tables are so convenient for homeowners having to deal with a shortage of space. Maybe all this while, the lack of space was a hindrance for not buying a dining table for increasing the value of the dining room. No matter whatever are your criteria, you will love the experience of browsing dining tables at this site.

Expectedly, there is no dearth in the variety, and you should find the product matching your tastes and seating requirements without breaking a sweat. Whether you prefer the glass, solid wood, marble or plastic dining tables, Snapdeal has it for you. Their range begins from 4-seater onwards and these tables come in all shapes and sizes.

For those of you looking for dining table sets, Snapdeal will make you drool over their new and fashionable dining chairs. Moreover, all their products, contemporary or modern promises to enhance the beauty of your living or dining room. Do not let the cost of this dining table or the sets concern you. Snapdeal has something that fits the bill for every budget. 


Pepperfry has both online delivery facilities and offline stores. Pepperfry has outlets in many Indian cities, and it is surely an advantage for buyers as they can inspect out the piece of furniture they wish to buy. The company deals with all the products by leading dining table manufacturers in India. It is highly unlikely; you would not find an item of your liking. 

Pepperfry offers you great flexibility. You can choose the piece of furniture based on several criteria. For instance, you can specifically mention the dimension of the dining table and accordingly make your purchase. The company also boasts of the maximum varieties material wise. So, you can choose from teak wood, rosewood, metal, mango wood, engineered wood, metal, glass, and many more.

The best part, Pepperfry offers fabulous discounts to their customers, as much as 70% off on select products, which without a doubt is tempting for many customers.  The ranges of dining tables are exhaustive, and you may find it hard deciding on which one to buy, looking at their specifications and looks.

The collection starts from 2-seater to 8-seater dining tables, and there is a product for every budget.  Pepperfry is the best option if your desire is to own a trendy and affordable dining table. The dining table sets are not plentiful though. So, you should look elsewhere if you desire to own a dining table set. 


HomeTown is a familiar name in the world of furniture. Over the years, it has become India’s largest and most valued brand for all the right reasons. Expect to find dining tables with rare materials from HomeTown like Birchwood, and of course the regular ones like engineered wood, metal, solid wood, glass, stainless steel, and so on.

Considering, the dining table is a one-time investment for many, HomeTown offers various ranges of this furniture. Starting from 2-seaters to 8-seaters, you get everything regardless of how big your family is. We must mention their discount packages. HomeTown offers a whopping 80% discount on select dining tables. Surely, this news will broaden the smiles for those who were worried about investing a fortune on this furniture.

You have the convenience of buying from both the online stores and the brick and, mortar store. The online version has a limited edition of dining tables when we last checked while writing this review. Do check out the nearest location, and that should make you familiar with the vast range of products. The fabulous discounts which we mentioned are applicable for both online and offline purchases.

HomeTown prioritizes on nothing but the best dining tables in their repertoire. Periodically, they also come up with several coupons, deals, and discount codes. You can utilize them for buying the best dining table from them without having to break the bank. Visit their online shopping portal today, and know more about their products and of course the discounts.

Wooden Street

Modern dining tables or the furniture world as a whole is witnessing a new dawn. The market is abundant with products that shelve contemporary beliefs. Yet, for a significant number of homeowners, they prefer wooden dining tables only. Wooden Street is the ultimate stop for them. At Wooden Street, you can expect state-of-the-art wooden dining tables at affordable prices.

The solid wood dining tables are a class apart from the nearest competitors. All the variants are specially handcrafted for serving the requirements of any home décor. Starting from the 2-seater tables, you have an exhaustive range of items to look at. The extendable dining table sets and the round dining sets deserve a special mention.

Whether you have a small or big family, at Wooden Street, you will get the perfect dining table from here. Wooden Street also offers the convenience of shopping both online and offline. Almost all the dining table sets are eye-catching, and it would take some time before finalizing the product for your dining room. 

Wooden Street also offers discount coupons and deals at periodic intervals. Thus, you get a quality wooden dining table at never before prices. It is worthwhile spending some time identifying the nearest store. Wooden Street is where you should be for satisfying your craving for not only a dining table but any wooden furniture.